Justin Korva, 20, walked in the Texas heat in his uniform three miles to and from work while saving for a car.  Then one day Andy Mitchell pulled up and gave Korva a ride to work at Taco Casa in Rockwall, TX.

In the course of conversation, Andy Mitchell learned that Justin walked that route to work six miles probable five days a week or more maybe.  After hearing that, Mitchell decided to take a picture of them and post it on Facebook with Justin’s story.

A friend of Mitchell read the story asked to share it, saying “Lets get this kid a car.” and it took off.  Shared among friends online, a donation box at a local diner was set up and in less than 48 hours the “Lets Get This Kid A Car” group had raised $5,500.00 for Justin a ride.  People in the community of Rockwall donated and Mitchell said there was too many names to count.

And a group of donors surprised Korva at his job with a 2004 Toyota Camry and a $500.00 gas card and two years of free oil changes and one year of car insurance.  That’s what I call doing it up BIG in Texas.

Kudos to the Mitchell family, friends and all those folks in Rockwall, TX; for having compassion on someone and doing something about it.

Acts of kindness do have ripple effects.

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