Granddaughter Shares Day with Grandmother

Abby Mershone of Mankato, Minnesota and her husband planned an unforgettable wedding celebration by asking Abby’s 92 years young grandmother, Georgiana Arlt to serve as their flower girl.  Screaming with excitement, she accepted saying “she had never been in a wedding besides her own”.

On the couples’ special day, this grandmother not only walked down the aisle throwing the traditional flower petals but entertained the wedding guest along the way.  She was greeted with cheers and laughter just as her granddaughter Abby had imagined.  The only thing missing Georgiana thought was candy.   She thought about throwing candy instead like in a parade.   Personally, I would love to see wedding guests scrambling to catch bites of candy at a wedding.   But back to the story.

After dancing and enjoying all the festivities, this flower girl said she was worn out, but honored she was asked to share in this special day the couple and happy she had lived long enough to do it.

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