This is one of my favorite pictures my son, Damon took in Dubai.

I love this image these guys diving head first into hopefully familiar surroundings, a deliberate, carefree act without fear.

I learned to swim 40 years ago at a community pool, part of the course was diving and I never forgot the feeling.   For a few seconds flying weightless in the air, preparing my body for impact, falling into the familiar and coming up on top as expected.

My one and only diving board experience but I have had many personal diving experiences.

Not being  a risk taker,  I usually try to check out things before diving into them; the surroundings, the weather, the possibilities I don’t like surprises.  But even after inspecting the surroundings, gathering all my information and checking out all the possibilities, some time things happen in mid-flight.  The crystal clear and routine became murky and dangerous. A personal relationship or business deal that seemed prefect, changed.

Diving into the unknown because I had no options, I guess that’s where the phrase “leap of faith” comes from, or those diving experiences I was pushed in to; falling with nothing to hold on to, arms flapping in the wind, hoping to survive.

And this is where God’s grace comes in.

I have survived these diving experiences and come out on top.  They taught me about myself and My God.

Whether a deliberate act or an accident we all have diving experiences.   These experiences may surprise us but they do not surprise our God.  He is waiting and able to catch us with arms wide open.  So whether diving from a board into a pool or pond having fun with friends, or a dive off a high cliff into still crystal clear water or being pushed into murky water filled with uncertainty, God is there.

Please share your diving experiences, we would love to read them.

Enjoy and Be Blessed.

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  1. I love it mom. Ir harkens back to my youth before I joined the military. I was scared beyond words the day I left for bootcamp. Yet now I look back and realize I was being guided by a steady hand towards my blessing.


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