Kechi’s Story

An America’s Got Talent contestant and one of only two survivors of a Nigerian plane crash in 2005, Kechi Okuwchi captured the hearts of the audience and judges during her recent performance.

A graduate of University of St. Thomas in Houston with a major in Economics she has been inducted into six academic societies and works for a non-profit here in Houston.

When asked why she sings, Kechi said, “Music was my escape and that’s why it means so much to me”.   The escape from the indescribable pain associated with burns covering 65% of her body.  She was flown to Shriner’s Hospital for treatment in 2007 and so far has endured about 100 surgeries.

But in spite of the damage to her body, Kechi sang Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” and every note hit its mark bringing the audience and judges to their feet.   Even the hard-shelled Simon Cowell, looked a bit teary-eyed, could not deny his approval sending her into the next round of the competition.

I hope this exposure will fuel her dreams of furthering her education and more.

Kechi has a GoFundMe page urging donors to “Invest in Me”, I believe there will be a very hefty return on an investment in this courageous woman.

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