David Witherspoon was surprised to find out his act of kindness would be so noteworthy.  A homeless man crawling on the ground in 100+degree Arizona heat caught his attention. Witherspoon stopped to ask the man what was wrong.

An argument at the place he was living caused him to leave with only the clothes on his back and socks on his feet.  But David Witherspoon was at the right place at the right time, in his car he had extra shoes that he used for work.  He not only gave this man a pair of shoes but had bottles of water and washed this man’s feet.


Witherspoon works two jobs one at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs and another at a local food pantry; that’s why he kept extra pairs of shoes in his car.  In an interview, he said, “You don’t have to empty your wallet or anything like that; just a simple, kind act.”  He thought anyone would do the same.

I am glad Mr. Witherspoon thinks that what he did, “anyone” would do.   I hope the next time I see someone in need I would be the “anyone” and stop and help.

If everyone did what “anyone” would do, these acts of kindness would be routine and not surprising.


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