Sweet And Spicy

Nolan Stilwell, entrepreneur, business man, and CEO of Sweet Heat Jam Company is living his dream of being a business owner and creating appetizing food.  Proving that all things are possible, in spite of being diagnosed with Downs Syndrome, Nolan is enjoying success and employing others.


After completing high school, Nolan could not find work to match his abilities.  Family members thought about what he loved most cooking and gardening, and how to combine them.  Through trial and error over a number of years, Nolan did not give up, and finally perfected a recipe for a spicy jam with peppers from his garden.


Marketing Sweet Heat Jam with help from his family, school and community in the Katy, Texas area, and on Facebook; not only provides employment for Nolan but allows him to hire and train “his friends” with similar abilities.

Nolan calls this job “a ministry” and seeing the positive impact running his own business has had on her son, Christine serves as Job Coach helping other young people with Downs learn marketable skills and fulfill their dreams.

Combing sweet and spicy does add a tantalizing flavor to any meal, and Nolan’s combination not only adds flavor to his life but “his friends” as they pack each jar with passion and attitude.

Nolan says, “There’s no stopping me now.”  Bon appétit.

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