Tim Tebow has been called a “freak” since announcing he was living celibate, abstaining from sex until marriage (unheard of)  while playing in the NFL.  Tebow maintains this freakish behavior even while dating a supermodel, who later dumped him because of it.   Now this freakish former NFL Quarterback and son of missionaries is being called a “Freak” again.

Tebow has shown exceptional athletic prowess baffling his teammates, coaches, sportscasters and fans in Minor league baseball.   Making a comeback in a sport he played as a teenager in Junior High is being called a “freak” athlete.

Signing with a Minor league team last year and moving up in rank showing off his athletic prowess , hitting homeruns two out of three times at bat.  Enjoying his time in the minors and dreaming of playing in the Majors soon.      Tebow has a lot of players rooting for him.

A bestselling author his motto, “True success is not measured in physical possessions but in the amount of lives you change”.    The philanthropis’ foundation sponsors a number of programs helping children with special needs and their families here and abroad.

Tim Tebow is showing the world that as Christians we possess “freakish” abilities to live godly by just saying “No” to sin in every area of our lives.

I wish him the best excelling on the field and off.

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