Not wanting another family to experience the loss his neighbors suffered sixth grader, Bishop Curry an inventor was moved with compassion and thought about creating a device to signal an alarm when a child is left in a hot car.

“It kind of came in my head,” Bishop told HuffPost, to create a life-saving devise he calls Oasis.

BishopCurryAttaching the devise to a headrest or infant car seat, it operates in response to rising temperatures inside the car by emitting cool air, and uses an antenna to signal parents and authorities while blowing cold air until help arrives.

At the moment, Bishop only has a 3-D clay model of the device but he and his family saw this as a one-way shot to help people, so a GOFUNDME page was set up in January by Bishop’s father, Bishop Curry IV, an engineer at Toyota.  To-date the page has raised $48,257.00 and a lot of interest.  Toyota sent the father and son to a safety conference, donors are volunteering to provide services and even his classmates are encouraging him.

Hopefully we will see Oasis in the hands of families soon to prevent the anguish of infant death due to being left in a hot car.

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