What happened in Charlotte will happen again. It’s our natural tendencies . . .

What happened in Charlotte will happen again. It’s our natural tendencies as created beings.

Whether Charlotte, Fergerson, Chicago, my home town New Orleans, and many places around the country and the world, seeds of hatred grew into acts of violence.

God said the heart of man “or woman” is evil continually and he’s right.   In 63 years I have seen and experienced a lot of violent acts, civil rights marches in which protestors were attacked by dogs, beaten and arrested or an indiscriminate murder in my neighborhood.   I feel like Solomon“. . . there is nothing new under the sun.”

We are not born with hatred in our hearts but at some point, seeds are sown and they grow into racism, malice, prejudice, and violenceAnd these seeds  do not die.

I understand anger.   I feel it every time I hear of another police shooting of an unarmed citizen or another murder in the Hood.  Because apart from God there is no good thing in me.  I have to work on a daily basis to make sure there are no seeds of hatred, unforgiveness, malice or superiority in my heart.

We have to stay on guard, watching the seeds that we take into our hearts.  Not allowing anger or unforgiveness to fester into hatred, and hatred into malice, and malice into violence because we are all capable of violence.

I pray for myself first that I do not allow any seeds to take root in my heart.   I pray for healing of those who feel removing a statute diminishes them as a race or this act as denial of a privilege (I don’t understand either one).   I pray for those injured physically that God would miraculously heal them.  I pray for those wounded spiritually because that is where the real danger lies in the untreated soul.  The wounds keep them from God and their total healing.

And I believe all things are possible to him or her who believes and with childlike faith no matter what happens, I trust God.   He has the final say.

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