Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and Indifferents came together in the House chamber to celebrate ~ no bipartisan legislation but the return of one of their own Representative Steve Scalise from Louisiana.

Scalise did not just stand before them but testified to a packed House on September 28, “that God answers prayers”.

After being shot in Virginia by a deranged gunmen targeting GOP lawmakers, practicing for a Congressional Baseball game on June 14.  Scalise was standing on the 2nd base mound when he was shot.  The gunmen fired a number of shots injuring 4 including Scalise who was the most seriously wounded victim.

The bullet entered through his hip tearing through his body damaging bones, muscles and causing a tremendous amount of blood loss.  While lying on the ground Rep. Scalise began praying, he said, “I prayed very specific prayers” and he told his colleagues “God had answered everyone.”

Scalise went on to thank those who rushed to his aid to stop the bleeding, those who risked their lives to bring down the gunman and prevent any further injuries or loss of life.  Beaming with pride in what God has done and with his wife looking on, the House Representative thanked everyone who might have had a hand in saving his life or in his recovery through their prayers and outpouring of kindness.

It’s a miracle to see Washington come together and agree on anything but to see a walking, talking, breathing miracle; a person who survived several surgeries and a life threating infection, stand and speak on the floor of the House about God answering prayers should leave us all speechless and encouraged.

We pray that Rep. Scalise and his family continue to heal from this tragedy as they move forward and we believe “the best is yet to come” for the Representative, his family, and our nation in spite of everything that is happening.

Miracles do happen every day.  If we have the faith to believe  ~  God has the power.

What miracles has God done in your life?


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