Growing up my Mom, Margie”Tiny Bee” Harris said “A pair of lips will say anything”, and she said it often.  The quote is self – explanatory, has been around a long time and we can apply it to whatever we are told or hear.  Is it true or just Fake News

My Mom wanted us to be aware that people sometimes lie.  Some people lie deliberately to deceive you, some people lie by spreading misinformation or what they believe to be true; but we all lie sometimes.   

The point she made is to investigate, don’t take comments or statements at face value; and do some fact-checking to see if what’s being said is true about you or others, because a pair of lips will say anything.  Some information is easy to check out – – some not so easy; but don’t jump to conclusions, make hasty decisions or rush to repeat everything you hear. 


As Christians we should be informed and accurate in what we say, especially, when we hold everything up to the light of God’s word which does not change and is always true.  We also have the Holy Spirit as our helper who filters what is right and will show us what is wrong to discards the information as untrue. And so we don’t experience overload the Holy Spirit will bring back to our memory the information we need; as we need it.  That’s one of the jobs of the Holy Spirit.

” A pair of lips will say anything”  was quoted often to protect us, but unfortunately since we all lie, we all have experienced the pain of lies and no one can protect us but God.   

Lying lips can do a lot of damage but God’s word is the truth and He is able to protect us and restore us.   Trusting God gives us the ability to trust people through Him.

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