Through the Eyes of God

Pope Francis got deep with the International Space Station crew as he engaged in a 20-minute philosophical discussion with them about love, joy and our place in the world.  

The international space station is a large space craft the size of a football field including the end zones was built with the help of many nations.  It’s a laboratory and home for at least six astronauts from around the world as they live together for extended periods of time, preforming experiments and tests 220 miles above the earth.

The Pope as any true man or woman of God was not concerned about their experiments or how they were hanging together as a crew but wanted to know their personal spiritual insights from their vantage point in the heavens.  He wanted to know their thoughts on “A rare opportunity to see through the eyes of God”.

US astronaut and mission commander, Randy Bresnik response was, “He saw a world without borders or conflicts from their point of view the future of humanity looked better from up here.  Far from wars, famines, pollution or human folly”.  Bresnik also hopes this was how God views us.   He went on to say that every day he tried to see from God’s perspective.  

I have superhuman abilities when it comes to spotting what’s wrong, especially concerning others I can spot a fault or problem from a mile away and I always believe I am dead on correct. 

Seeing things from God’s perspective I believe is supernatural and takes effort, to look at our environment and others from a hope filled expectancy, like God does. 

Seeing our world from the stratosphere of heaven, not divided or marred by famine, war or sickness, in its original state as God intended.   A world held together by the hands of a loving God. 

Seeing our world and our situations through the eyes of a loving God world stretch our imaginations, energize our faith and allow us to enjoy a hope filled planet with people who are just like us; in the process of becoming new again – back to our original state. 

Pope Francis believes the decay of our planet correlates with the deterioration of our moral conscience, and I believe this is true.  But I also believe that a loving God who spoke things into existence from the beginning, saw everything he had made and declared it GOOD and has not changed His mind. 

If you saw everything through the eyes of God how would it affect you?  How would you treat others? 

 Lamentations 3: 22-23

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