Delloreese Patricia Early born in the Black Bottom neighborhood of Detroit began her entertainment career in the 40’s, we know her as Della Reese and her career has spanned multiple decades.  Reverend Della Reese-Lett transitioned into her final role on November 19, surrounded by her family in her Encino, California home.   The multi-talented entertainer, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and ordained minister — Della Reese was 86.

She began singing with Mahalia Jackson at the age of 13 and appeared in Hallmark movies as recently as 2014.   Her unforgettable roles in films like “Harlem Nights”, “Beauty Shop” and others, combined with her role in the popular TV series “Touched by an Angel” made her an icon.  The series touched millions and is still touching millions in syndication.  This sentiment has been echoed by many including her co-stars Roma Downey and Jackee’ Harry.

However, one of her children said in a news release, “My mother was a personal friend of God.  They had daily conversations.”   And I believe her most rewarding role


Hollywood will highlight her Oscars, Emmys and her numerous hit singles and albums, which is quite impressive, but sadly all her accomplishments just like ours– will be forgotten in 100 years, no one will remember our name or our good deeds.

Most of us may never have the influence or far-reaching effects like Della Reese and others who are considered successful, but we can all leave a legacy that can make a godly difference in the world just like Rev. Della.   As we develop our role as a friend of God.  This role can have far-reaching implications in the Kingdom.

A role that makes God smile.  The closeness of friendship with Him.  The intimacy that draws us in and just like any good friendships we can enjoy, spend time and do things together.

We all get busy, frazzled and worn out in life, but God is the type of friend that is always waiting for us.  He does not impose upon us but when we seek Him; He is right there and draws us even closer.

As this year ends, many of us make New Year’s Resolutions but studies show that most of us fail these resolutions within the first month.  But every day we can begin again with God as our friend, acting out the roles He has ordained for us, leaving a legacy that will translate into Kingdom revenue.

I believe Rev. Della Reese-Lett’s felt this was her most rewarding role friend of God, and this role can be ours also.

A PRAISE-A-THON celebrating the life of Reverend Della will be held Saturday, December 30 at 12pm in Los Angeles at her church featuring her choir and special guests.  RSVP at RSVP@upchurch.org

John 15:15



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