Nikolas Cruz a troubled young man, orphaned last November, taken in by a family who just wanted to help their son’s friend get through a rough time in his life.  But they never saw this coming.

We are debating, arguing, praying, crying,  blaming the President, the former President, Alt-Right, Alt-Left, the removal of prayer in school and the latest pornography; many beliefs and opinions but as of today,  Nikolas Crus has not said a word as to why.

I remember an interview years ago with the mother of a serial killer.  A Sunday school teacher who raised her son up in a godly home but as an adult, he made ungodly decisions that eventually brought him to the place of being a despised murder.  She did not see that coming.


Nikolas Cruz – Mug Shot

No one is born a murder, rapist, child molester or monster and the list can go on; and none of us are born good.   Things happen in life that could cause us to make decisions that have tragic outcomes.


An argument can turn into a murder or a job loss into suicide.  We  are all capable of the unthinkable, the thing no one saw coming.

Just like the foster parents of Nikolas Cruz, they did not know what was in his heart, the same thing can be said about us.

No one knows what is in our heart.  What we meditate on, the things that are in the forefront of our minds until it we act on them.

The bible says the heart is deceitful and no one can cure it.  I believe that because sometimes some things erupt in me — things I did not know were in my heart.  The hatred and anger that comes up from deep within my heart.  The things I have thought about doing or saying come up and out, surprising me because I did not see it coming either.

The heart is deceptive and who can train it.

No matter how thoughtbroken-heartful, kind or godly we act, we are all capable of the unthinkable.

Maybe not the random violence of a mass shooter or a deliberate act of a serial killer but without Christ, we are all capable of destructive behavior.


I don’t know what was in this young man’s heart.  The family that took him in didn’t and I don’t think he did either.

Today Nikolas Cruz is sitting in a Florida jail I heard on suicide watch and is remorseful.  I hope so. Sorry for his sin.

I pray for him, his family and all the families touched by this tragedy.

No one is beyond the love and forgiveness of a merciful God and I pray we would all guard our hearts because it determines the course of our lives.

Proverb 4:23

His Story in our lives does make a difference


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