After living 11 years in bondage with two other women held by a madman, Michelle Knight has changed her name to Lily Rose Lee.   She has not only reclaimed her life but with the help of God is being transformed daily into a living, breathing testimony of “more than a conqueror”.

Ms. Lee is now an inspirational, motivational speaker and a best-selling author. She has not allowed the captivity, viciously beatings or numerous rapes to define her.  As she puts it, “Why let the devil win, when I can overcome what the devil has done?

51CUvWadRKL._SY346_And overcoming she is with the release of her second book, “Life after Darkness“, which came out on May 1.  What Satan meant for evil she is turning into good and she will be touring the country and aboard to encourage others.  

A non-profit called Lily’s Ray of Hope created by Lee and her husband will launch this summer. This organization will provide resources for women and children who are victims of human trafficking, domestic violence and other physical and emotional abuse.

She said in an interview with, “Everything that happened to me in that house, it’s not existing right now. I’ll have my fears and my flashbacks, but as long as I can get up and move forward each and every day, and God gave me those second chances to better myself and have strength, I can do anything”.

Sadly 5 years later she is still being threatened by others who want to intimidate and enslave her again. But she moves forward with her life  caution but unafraid.

And in spite of physical injuries inflicted on her body and mind by her captor, she has faith for the future that one day she will have a child; and also be reconnected with the child that was adopted by another family while she was imprisoned.  She has unselfishly chosen to let him remain with his adopted parents until he is ready to see her.  She waits confidently in a restoration of this relationship.   

Many women and men or coming forward and removing the veils of shame that they have hidden behind due to sexual abuse by others.   We all have had things and situations that happen to us; maybe not as horrific as Ms. Lee’s but the why me that can make us bitter, if we don’t exercise the power to take what Satan meant for evil and turn it into something good.

            Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? tribulation, or distress, OR persecution . . . No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. – – Romans 8:37




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