Message From A Father

Anthony Bridges

When fatherhood came knocking, like a lot of young men, I was not ready and did not want to answer the door.  Did not want to give up my lifestyle and be a daddy at that time.  Later I met someone, we planned a family but I messed things up.  The child we planned together came into the world but this child’s mother decided that I could be a part of this child’s life but not her life because I had hurt her deeply.  Planned and unplanned births have taken a toll on my babies’ mothers and me, financially and emotionally.

I was raised by a hardworking father who passed this trait to me and my brothers.  Growing up in a household with my father, he made all of us tough and I learned to fight through adversity.   

I am determined to do better and be better for myself and for my girls; trying to make up for the mistakes of the past when I was younger.  But we all make mistakes sometimes.   

I don’t see my children like I would like but I try to talk with them often.  Being consistent and honest, I praise them for being tough (like me), smart (like their mothers), respectful and adaptable.  I am thankful to their Moms for allowing me an open door to bless them when I can. 

Having a relationship with my daughters is one of the most important things in my life.  Watching them grow up without me, I want to give them all I can.  Being open and honest when answering their questions.  I know they are smart but when they ask me a question that they have already asked their Mothers

I try to be up front about anything they may ask.  When it comes to relationship with men and women I give them my perspective on what I have experienced.  My Grandma Tiny would say “A pair of lips will say anything especially if you are stupid enough to believe them.” 

My hopes and dreams for my girls is that they will wait to have sex and children.  That something that me their mothers should have done.     

Looking forward to the future with time for more visits; I have learned to be patient with them and myself we are all growing.  I try to have a good relation with their mothers because they are the mothers of my kids and they are doing the best they can do – just like me.

Happy Daddy Day t all us men who have relationships with their kids and who don’t.  We can ALL  start making an effort every day to do our best and be our best and let God do the rest.

 Fathers encourage your children in the Lord . . .


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