12 children and one adult lost.  Buried underground inside a cave with rising flood water; terrified families and friends, helpless and worried government officials not knowing how to proceed with time running out these are the elements of a desperate situation.

12 children and one adult after almost two weeks of volunteers searching an entire countryside found. Buried under a mountain and deep inside a cave alive.  In relatively good health and in good spirits, under the circumstances a miracle.



Hundreds of government official, worried family, friends and volunteers from around the world, sprang into action to rescue the group.  Men, women and children put aside race, religion, education and breeding (all the stuff that keeps us apart) came together with one purpose rescue — another miracle.


Hundreds of skilled divers and millions of prayers brought this desperate situation to a miraculous conclusion, rescuing the entire group.  Underground and inside a cave, under a mountain they were saved but with the loss of one life.

A watching world for 3 days, 4 lives a day came up out of the cave; until finally they were all saved.  We PRAISED GOD when the last child, coach and divers came up out the cave completely.

All the experts believed agreed this could have been much worst.  God showed off.   Sometimes HE does it anonymously and times like this one, HE shows off for the world to see.

This search and rescue is a beautiful reminder of the love of God and His desire to save.

No matter where you are God can find you and just like those divers’ wants to save you. 

 I waited patiently for God. . He heard me.  . . Lifted me out of the pit, placed me on a rock and has established my goings. 

PSALMS 40:1-2

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