“Sometimes you just have to take what God gives you shake it and make the best of it;” this quote from a young  pastor, Warner C. Fulton, held my attention as a young woman.  Pastor Fulton’s sermon drawing similarity to a new product on the market called Shake and Bake® and marriage.    When Pastor Fulton uttered this phrase, “sometimes you have to take what God gives you,  shake it and make the best of it” in relation to marriage had  me on the edge of my seat waiting to hear where this was going.

When Shake and Bake® was introduced on the market it took chicken to another level.  It made bland boring chicken favor filled and tasty.  Mixing up something quick, easy and tasty is a godsend for working families and in the ‘70s it seemed like every household had a box.

Shake and Bake® used a pre-packaged seasoning mix; but a lot of cooks especially those of us from Louisiana added some of our own ingredients.  Sautéing onions and bell pepper to go along with the seasoning pack.  Shake the contents of the seasoning package over the chicken, place in the oven and let it bake on 350 until the chicken is completely done.  (No one wants an under cooked chicken)   The aroma fills the house and your meal is ready.  A meal you can enjoy and share with family and friends.  Depending on what seasonings you added to the mixture you have created a meal that never existed before.   An opportunity to give your family a delicious favor filled meal.

Who won’t want to have a delicious favor filled marriage that is tasty to be enjoyed by family and friends.

ShakeandBake Framing his message around this product, Pastor Fulton made the point that when marriage becomes difficult and all marriages go through difficult times, use the shake and bake method.   Starting with what you already have on hand, loving your spouse like God loves you, showing respect — the same respect you would like to receive.  Add ingredients you like to taste.  The same things it took to get em is the same things you use to keep em, use your imagination.  

Stay in the oven of difficulties and challenges, trouble don’t last always.  The process will bake your marriage to God’s desired tenderness.   Two unique individuals coming together as one, staying in the heat of circumstances until the aroma fills their surroundings and PRESTO!!!, a tasty marriage that  family and friends can savor and enjoy.  A creation that never existed before. 

However, unlike Shake and Bake which is quick and easy – – marriage is not.  

If you are married or thinking about marriage, remember Rev. Fulton’s advice to his congregation regarding marriage “Take what God gives you, shake it and make the best of it”.

Marriage God’s way is designed to be a lasting tasteful mixture of two individuals, who see each other as counterparts preserving their unique personalities, embracing their spouses’ differences, mixing it up, adding some of their favorite ingredients and staying in the heat of life becoming a new creation.  A savory meal with a delectable taste, that is satisfying to those who are privileged to partake of it.  A meal to be enjoyed by all –yourself, family and friends.

Remember shake, bake and ENJOY

And the Lord God said,

“It is not good that a man should be alone;

I will make him a helper comparable to him. 

Genesis 2:18




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