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We are all becoming more aware of our surroundings being proactive protecting ourselves from attack or assault, but what about being aware of the plight of others.  I am talking about the homeless.  The men and women we see on our streets every day.

The story of Johnny Bobbitt, a HOMELESS veteran was back in the news, regarding an allegation of fraud by the couple that set up a gofundme account  to help the veteran get on his feet. 

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When I first read the story, it was so heartwarming this couple taking the time, energy and resources to help someone less fortunate who had helped them.  I commended them for seeing something and doing something.  Like WWJD — loving your neighbor as yourself.  Once the account was set up and the story went viral; so many generous souls contributed and Mr. Bobbitt was able to purchase a home and a vehicle.  In an interview, the couple who set up the account said they did not give Bobbitt all the money raised because of his drug use.  They wanted to protect himI get that as part of loving your neighbor as yourself, seeing their weakness. 

When we see the condition what can we do, WHAT CAN BE DONE TO RESTORE A MAN  or WOMAN TO WHOLENESS  from life on the streets.  When we think of ourselves, “Only because of the grace of God” we are not in a homeless state. I am sure the couple meant well; but didn’t see their own weakness and we all have them.  The bible says, “Let the one without sin throw the first stone”.  I try to keep this in mind before making a judgment call about others and labelling them. 

BUT back to the point see something, do something.  WWJD – Loving your neighbor as yourself it requires deliberate actions, thought filled, focused actions.  Most important seeing if that person wants help.  WWJD works better with consent.    

Jesus said, when I was hungry, you fed me, naked you clothed”.  Congregations  across the country and believe the world seeing the plight of the homeless are taking it a step further by doing something  about it with prayer, intercession and ADVOCACY for services for the homeless.  Mental illness, substance abuse, employment and job training, counselling the list can be long but I believe the Body of Christ has the tools to do it.  Don’t you just love it when the church acts like the church, doing the work of the church, loving others the way God loves us.  Taking the time to actually see the need and do something.  I think this is what the early Church looked like doing the work of feeding, clothing and comforting the lost doing what Jesus would do.

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Ask yourself the question what would Jesus do  — then do it from the heart





Matthew 25:40 . ..  Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

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