Surrounded by fire in a small church, some of those inside thought this is it, but God had other plans.  Doug Crowder, Pastor of Magalia Pines Baptist Church, gathered 34 residents and church members, to convey them to safety outside of their small town but in the driveway of the church the rapidly moving fire in Magalia, California cut off all pathways of escape.  Pastor Crowder quickly moved the group inside the church building. 

The woods around them exploded in flames with the sound of the flames ripping through buildings.  Propane canisters at a nearby hardware store began exploding and the group had nowhere to turn but God.  Huddling together in prayer, crying out to God for safety, He answered and spared them. 

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The church building and those inside were unscathed.  Pastor Crowder said in an interview with Baptist Press “the fall leaves were still on the trees on the church’s property.” 

The entire town of Magalia is leveled to the ground like so many other towns in the area due to the wild fires, but this church remains standing.  Pastor Crowder said “It will be years before it’s a town again, but our church will be standing and our church will be ministering.”  The church has become a beacon of hope as this small town starts to rebuild.

WE DON’T always understand the plans of God especially in the midst of devastation but we can still hope in the goodness of God — in spite of. 

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Our prayers for those who are spared is that God will fill them with all joy, hope, and peace in believing, because miracles do happen every day and it is wonder filled when one, a happens to you personally.    

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope through the power of the Holy Ghost.
Romans 15:13 

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