Casey Hathaway was all smiles during a special visit with the heroes at the Craven County Sheriff’s Department. (Craven County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook)

3-year-old Casey Hathaway, says he spent two days in the woods of eastern North Carolina hanging out with a bear. After wandering away from his grandmother’s house, he was alone in the woods except for a bear that kept him company.   

Casey was found late in the evening stuck in a tangle of vines and thorns, about a half a mile from where he went missing, reported a local station.  A woman walking her dog heard Casey crying for his mother and called authorities (Even a FRIENDLY BEAR can’t compare with the arms of a loving mother).    A team rushed to the area and followed the sound of the boy’s voice, a miracle.  The toddler was found safe and in good healthy in spite of being lost a terrain that had flooded, had sinkholes and endured freezing temps. 

Asked what happened, Casey told Craven County Sheriff Chip Hughes a bear kept him company in the woods.  The Sheriff said he would not dispute the toddler’s claim.  

His aunt, Breanna Hathaway said in a facebook post “God sent him a friend to keep him safe. God is (a) good God.  Miracles do happen”

Casey’s aunt is right “miracles do happen” I believe every day.  Some people would call this a lucky break, or coincidence, maybe even an apparition of the toddler’s imagination, or a modern-day fairy tale – – anything but a miracle

My money is on a miracle, a toddler lost in the woods in the middle of winter; at night in a area that floods and has sinkholes was found alive and well. That’s a miracle enough for me. But for Casey to believe that a bear was with him, Hmm don’t bears hibernate in winter?  

This story made me smile and think “God’s mercies renew every morning and His faithfulness is to all generations.”  He is still working miracles.    

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Whether this is a modern – day fairy created in the mind of a small terrified child, to calm him in the middle of winter, cold days and dark nights; alone in the woods, or God sending an angel dressed in fur to keep the little lost one company.  It should give us hope in spite of all the horrible things that happen every day– there are still miracles and they happen every day. 

And sometimes they happen to us.  It may not be as miraculous as Casey’s miracle but small miracles. Automobile accidents avoided, unexpected reconciliations, things that could have gone south but didn’t.  These are a few of mine – – I am sure you can think of a few things too. 

God’s mercy renews every morning and His faithfulness is unto all generations LAMENTATIONS 3:22 -23 . 

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