Insecure with self-esteem issues, thinking that she was not as good as, is how a 19 year old Uretta Wardlow arrived in Houston, Texas from Kaufman, a small town outside of Dallas.  In Kaufman she would look into the sky, seeing planes flying overhead and say to herself, “One day I will fly in those planes” and so she has.

This dynamic woman has morphed into a 73 year young, loving the Lord and life individual who is a testament to never give up.  Her motto, “There’s a whole world out there to explore and sometimes those worlds are within walking distance; keep striving every day for one more experience.”

And with this in mind, her one more experience began at a Christian women’s conference in 1994.  Assigned to a class to fill her conference schedule, she thought “I am in the wrong class”.   The class was about pursuing a college education.  She knew the instructor was not talking to her because “I don’t even have a GED” she thought, but sat through the class anyway.

As soon as it was over she headed straight for the door but was stopped by the Holy Spirit, telling her “Talk to the speaker about GEDs”. She tried to reason the moment away, like we all do sometimes.  The Speaker was talking about “college” not GEDs all this going on in her head, but she obeyed and this divine connection started her on her path to higher learning.

The Speaker was not only knowledgeable about higher education but was actively involved in a GED program for adults at one of local colleges.  This divine connection helped her get into the program and counselled her along the way seeing Uretta’s desire to learn.

Working a full time job in the day time and getting tutored in math, she had not been in a classroom in many years, but she never gave up.

Her persistence culminated with her walking across a stage in cap and gown, her adult children and grandchildren yelling, screaming and letting everyone around them know “THAT’S MY MAMA”.  She received her certificate with hundreds of other adults just like herself.

She was so surprised because she thought she was the only one. Holding her diploma she could not stop crying the feeling was unbelievable.

She was not alone and not finished.

Over the next 20+ years, enrolling in a number of Bible colleges, taking and completing correspondence courses while maintaining straight “A”s, feeding her desire to learn.   An opportunity presented itself at her local church to receive a Bachelor Degree from Maximized Life Bible College.  She enrolled and after presenting all her paperwork and certificates, she only needed 20 credits to her surprise towards her degree.  And with her never give up attitude, completed the courses finishing with a High B.

She again walked across the stage in the same cap and gown she had worn 20 years earlier, again, with family and friends cheering her on she received a Bachelor Degree in Religious Arts.

A grateful Uretta Wardlow is very thankful for all the people God has placed in life along this journey.  Her most vocal cheerleader is her Prophet Pamela Randolph, who kept pushing her to grow into the woman she is now.

God created in her a love for reading, learning and ministry, ordering her steps along the way, honoring her belief that all things are possible through Him.

Through challenges and difficulties she keeps striving every day for one more experience, with confidence this dynamic woman of God looks forward to more Godventures here and overseas.

The dream she had while looking up in the Kaufman sky has been fulfilled many times over as she continues to explore and learn.

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