Shellique Carby-Bird

Freedom is not just physical but mental also, Shellique Carby-Bird, 31, of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa had a long history of health issues coupled with mental illness.   Ms. Carby- Bird, was imprisoned by Asperger syndrome (a type of autism), bipolar mood disorder and post- traumatic stress.  But is now enjoying freedom from these oppressive physical and mental illnesses. 

As a board member of Autism South Africa she took pride in her “special abilities”, believing was incurable. The petite South-African Christian, believed that autism was too hard for God so she  accepted it – like we all do sometimes, accepting the things we are comfortable with. 

Now the former board member of writes: “I am not against disability and autistic rights, in fact I support them as I have experienced the suffering, discrimination and stigma that people with disabilities/autism experience.  I AM against disability and autistic pride.   Disabilities and autism are NOT gifts and they are not nice things to have,” sharing her miraculous healing on Gateway News of South Africa.

Her mother stated in an interview “I suddenly had the daughter I always knew was ‘in’ there, but could never ‘find’! The gentle, loving daughter looked me in the eye, engaged in conversation without negative or inappropriate comments.”

Having a relationship with God, being Spirit-filled, and reaching a place where she was desperate for healing were some of the keys to unlock her healing;  Ms. Carby-Bird is open and willing to share her testimony on her blog and connect with those interested in her healing journey at

Living her best life ever, free through the power of  God Shellique hopes to help others and challenge a widely-held viewpoint that autism is incurable.  She wants to set others captives free.  She states, she still has ups and downs [like all of us] — but within the normal range of behaviour.  She reminds us that some “healings are an ongoing process” NOT a one time event.  

If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.  John 8:36

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