Carlos Santana , Grammy award-winning, rock n roll legend,  accomplished musician with unbelievable broad audience appeal; has experienced the worst kind of darkness known to humankind,  “the darkness of night of the soul” he said in an interview in Gospel Herald.

The darkness of depression and voices in his head telling him that his life was miserable, was combined with anger, resentment and guilt in his heart, due to sexual assaults he endured as a child; contributed to several suicide attempts as an adult.

But just like a bridge in a musical arrangement, the grace of God saved his life and gave him joy that his music never could.

Santana not only experienced the joy of salvation but the life-changing power of forgiveness.  He forgave his father’s friend who assaulted him, freeing himself to become everything God intended from the beginning.

He says, “He doesn’t know how things will play out as he continues to trust God to work in and through him”.   He believes he will retire from music and be a pastor because “God is not done with me yet”.  

His album the Power of Peace is a testament to that fact.






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